Search engines rank websites according to relevancy and link popularity. Assuming two web pages are both relevant for a given search, the search engine will return the one with the most quality links to the sites and display it above the site with fewer links. Thus, to increase your organic website traffic, it is very important to build quality links to your site.

The packages in our Affordable SEO Services Program allow you to select the hyperlink text, also known as anchor text for each link of each link to your site. Search engines use anchor text as a key determinant of the relevancy of each link. So if your site sells tennis racquets, you may want to select anchor text like “buy tennis racquets” or “tennis racquets online”.

Competition from other sites determines how many links you will need to rank well. Many local business sites would benefit greatly from the Starter SEO Plan, while global competitive terms may require the Professional Plan to rank on the first page of search engines. For advice on which plan to select, please consult our sales staff.

Each SEO package comes with an on-page consultation.  An SEO analyst will review your site’s content, title, tags, keyword density and several other factors to make sure that it is optimized for top search engine placement.  Each Affordable SEO Services Plan will include a written report of required changes to rank well in the search engines.